Cocoons Polarized Fitover Sunglasses

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At last – Rectangular polarized clip-ons for the millions who wear rectangular prescription spectacles.

Cocoons Flip-Ups

Lenses in yellow, amber or grey.

Featuring the renowned polarized Polaré® lens system and new non-polarized Twilight™ high contrast, high light transmission lenses that provide exceptional contrast and glare reduction in extremely low light conditions. The lenses provide optical grade clarity while eliminating harsh glare and filtering 100% of damaging UVA and B rays.

Cocoons Flip-Ups Yellow

Cocoons Flip-Ups Amber

Cocoons Flip-Ups Grey

Cocoons Overglasses

The world’s biggest selling range of “overglasses”.

4 sizes of frame stocked, black or sand brown frames. Lenses in amber, grey, copper, yellow and blue mirror.

Slim Line (M)

Cocoons Slim Line (M)

Wide Line (ML)

Cocoons Wide Line (ML)

Pilot (L)

Cocoons Pilot (L)

Aviator (XL)

Cocoons Aviator (XL)