Daylight lamps and magnifiers

Daylight lamps and magnifiers – the ultimate range of specialist and hobby lighting.

In 1990, Patrick Jacquelin discovered the daylight bulb on a trip abroad. Recognizing that natural daylight is the healthiest and more comfortable light for our eyes, he realised that this ‘daylight simulation effect’ could benefit thousands of individuals who need natural light for everyday tasks, or more specifically, for hobbies that involved intricate detail and color matching. From this The Daylight Company was created. Since then, the company has steadily grown and today we are the market-leading brand of speciality lighting technology for the hobby industry across Europe and we are well on our way to making Daylight the No.1 brand for Craft Lighting in the USA.


Daylight Table Magnifying Lamp

Daylight Table Magnifying Lamp

• Small and powerful table lamp
• 12w Naturalight tube (energy saving)
• 3.5” diameter lens (1.75X) with inset lens (4X)
• Supplied with tube and lens cover
• Replacement tube DN0004




Long Flexi-arm Daylight Magnifier

(On built in base)