Flying Fisherman® Polarized Sunglasses

The Quality Alternative to Expensive Eyewear
Flying Fisherman Sunglasses are designed to provide quality, affordable polarized eyewear. More than 35 frame styles and a variety of AcuTint™ Sunlens options make up the collection, from classic, traditional models to sleek wrap around designs and mirrored lens treatments, Flying Fisherman Sunglasses are both stylish and fully functional, and offer uncompromising clarity, performance and value.

Polarization & UV Protection
The process of polarization uses a special filter to absorb glare producing light waves reflected off horizontal surfaces. Flying Fisherman AcuTint™ lenses eliminate glare with minimal color distortion, sharpen visul acuity and reduce eye strain.
Flying Fisherman Sunglasses provide maximum protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays, and meet or exceed FDA, ANSI and European(CE) standards for general purpose eyewear.

AcuTint™ SunLenses
Flying Fisherman Sunglasses are offered in five durable lens materials.

  • Precision Ground & Polished Polarized Glass
  • Virtually Indestructible Polarized Polycarbonate
  • Polished Polarized Glass
  • S13 Hard Coated Polarized Plastic
  • Premium 1.1mm Polarized Plastic

The color of the sunlens is critical to the ability of your sunglasses to function under various conditions. Flying Fisherman AcuTint™ sunlens system offers the most effective lens tints in the color spectrum.












Flying Fisherman Bifocals



White Frame La Palma & Madrid sunglasses


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Quantum, Fathom & Calcutta Models now available with Yellow lenses:


Flying Fisherman Calcutta polarized sunglasses



Flying Fisherman Quantum polarized sunglasses


Flying Fisherman Fathom polarized sunglasses


White frame models now available



Flying Fisherman Magnum polarized sunglasses


Flying Fisherman Madrid polarized sunglasses


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